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Maya结合Realflow超级战舰特效教程VFXLearning – Case Study: Battleship Effects

Maya结合Realflow超级战舰特效教程VFXLearning – Case Study: Battleship Effects


Maya结合Realflow超级战舰特效教程VFXLearning – Case Study: Battleship Effects

2.08 GB | 工程文件: 包括 | 使用软件: Maya, RealFlow 和 PulldownIt破碎插件

在这种所谓的特效学习案例研究的新系列中,我们将探讨一些流行大片的最具标志性的特效和模拟,如超级战舰。我们将分析建立这样的元素,并结合所有的工具和知识,我们用Maya , RealFlow制作,结合所需要的技术和PulldownIt插件来实现它们。案例中将会讲解maya如何制作大厦建筑破碎效果,realflow导弹烟雾及水花效果

In this new series called VFX Learning Case Studies we will explore some of the most iconic effects and simulations of popular blockbuster films, we will analyse the techniques needed to create such elements and combine all the tools and knowledge at our disposal using Maya, RealFlow and PulldownIt to achieve them.

Every Case Study will be given as a 6 hour session. Classes will be recorded and offered as streaming video content. We will offer this sessions both in English and Spanish. Our plan is to release a new Case Study every month so lots and lots of effects will be covered.

Each Case Study course is priced at $200, enrolling not only gives you access to the classes but also to our downloads area where you will be able to get the assignment scene files to better follow the training, additionally you will be given access to our online student community which is a great benefit for those interested in getting additional feedback in between sessions, share your results with other students and push your learning experience even further.

With our new Streaming Video Version option you can now enrol in our Case Studies at any time and watch the recordings of the sessions, this also include the assignment scene files.

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