Baselight教程-颜色分级高级调色艺术案例培训教程FXPHD - GRD202 - The Craft of Color Grading II 免费下载

Baselight教程-颜色分级高级调色艺术案例培训教程FXPHD - GRD202 - The Craft of Color Grading II 免费下载

Baselight教程-颜色分级高级调色艺术案例培训教程FXPHD - GRD202 - The Craft of Color Grading II 免费下载

教程名字:FXPHD - GRD202 - The Craft of Color Grading II
教程编号:FXPHD GRD202
更新时间: 2016,5,6
语言: 英语字幕(无中文翻译字幕)
教程级别: 高级
持续时间: 2小时29分
项目文件: 包括

FXPHD - GRD202 - The Craft of Color Grading II
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The Craft of Color Grading II是我们在fxphd的续集。 Mike Matusek教授领导本次发行,并计划将自己独特的视角课程。 Matusek是NOLO数字在芝加哥的创始人之一,他的成绩的国家和国际广告,电视节目和功能。



这门课程有全新的镜头,包括从由可变制作了精美的可口可乐件(http://wearevariable.com)场景,从丹科·琼斯的视频,由钻石兄弟(HTTP导演剪辑:// thediamondbros.com),高品质的水下镜头,并从短片场景多动天(http://vimeo.com/31708121)。


The Craft of Color Grading II is our sequel to the most popular course ever at fxphd. Professor Mike Matusek leads this offering, and plans to bring his own unique perspective to the course. Matusek is one of the founders of Nolo Digital in Chicago, where he grades national and international commercials, television shows, and features.

Like the original offering, this course looks to explore the world of the colorist and the craft of grading from an application-agnostic approach. It is not the specific buttons you need to push in a specific application, but instead a look at the creative and story telling goals behind color grading. The course will tap Matusek's years of experience from both a creative standpoint as well as a practical standpoint. So we'll not only be covering how to make beautiful imagery, but also things such as how to deal with the often-conflicting viewpoints of dealing with divergent views from clients.

One key aspect of the course is our grading review sessions. During the term, Matusek will create two projects for members to test their skills and have their work reviewed by him. He'll provide creative goals for the projects, much like clients might provide. Members will then grade the high quality footage (hires R3D and DPX files) and submit it for review as part of the course. It's a great way to learn the craft and a fantastic opportunity to receive guidance from a successful colorist in the field.

This course has all-new footage, including scenes from a beautiful Coca-Cola piece that was produced by Variable (http://wearevariable.com) , clips from a Danko Jones video, directed by the Diamond Bros. (http://thediamondbros.com) , high quality underwater footage, and more scenes from the short film Moving Day (https://vimeo.com/31708121) .

Course members should be comfortable grading in their application of choice. This is not a course designed to teach the operation of software, but instead is about creating great looking imagery. The primary software used by Matusek will be Baselight, but is taught with the goal of showing techniques that can be used in any application.

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