C4D R16全面基础介绍培训教程Lynda – CINEMA 4D R16 Essential Training

C4D R16全面基础介绍培训教程Lynda – CINEMA 4D R16 Essential Training

C4D R16全面基础介绍培训教程 Lynda – CINEMA 4D R16 Essential Training | 2.02GB

持续时间: 9小时36分| 视频格式: AVC (.mp4) 1280×720 15&30fps  | 级别: 初学者 | 教程语言: 英语

CINEMA 4D R16 (C4D)是一种重要的工具,动画艺术家,视觉效果(视效)艺术家和动画师首选的三维软件之一。无论你是刚开始在其中一个领域或多年之后从另外一个程序到到C4D,你的训练应该在这里开始。在本课程中,作家伊恩·罗宾逊涵盖C4D的关键概念,如对象层次和关系,以及基本技能与原始对象的建模、样条函数生成器对象,细分表面,和多边形。他还展示了如何给你的3 d模型逼真surfaces-the,那种使物体看起来崎岖不平的表面,金属,闪亮的,甚至公开我的材料和照明。课程的最后一个章节涵盖关键帧动画,相机运动,C4D的流行MoGraph模块。书生推荐初学者观看此教程!

CINEMA 4D R16 (C4D) is a vital tool for motion graphics artists, visual effects (VFX) artists, and animators alike. Whether you’re just starting out in one of these fields or migrating to C4D after many years in another program, your training should begin here. In this course, author Ian Robinson covers key C4D concepts, such as object hierarchies and relationships, and the essential skills for modeling with primitive objects, splines and generator objects, subdivision surfaces, and polygons. He also shows how to give your 3D models realistic-looking surfaces—the kind of surfaces that make objects seem bumpy, metallic, shiny, or even transparent—with materials and lighting. The final chapters of the course cover keyframe animation, camera movement, and C4D’s popular MoGraph module. Dive in and learn what CINEMA 4D has in store for you.


* Understanding the CINEMA 4D workflow(理解C4D R16的工作流程)
* Navigating the viewports(视图交互)
* Exploring the importance of object hierarchy(探索对像层级的重要性)
* Modeling with primitives and splines(原始建模和样条曲线())
* Modeling with the Knife and Extrude tools(用切刀和挤压工具建模)
* Using Content Browser presets(使用内容浏览器预设)
* Deforming objects(对象变形)
* Applying materials and texturing(材质和纹理贴图的运用)
* Creating and manipulating light sources(创建灯光源)
* Animating in the Timeline with keyframes(关键帧)
* Controlling camera movement(控制摄像机运动)
* Rendering and adjusting final render settings(渲染和调节最终渲染设置)
* Compositing in After Effects(ae合成)
* Using MoGraph(运动图形的运用)
* Sculpting(雕刻)
* Motion tracking(运动跟踪)


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