AE CC 2015插件:三维插件包Mettle Plugins Bundle V1.8 (Win64) (29.02.2016) CE 一键破解安装版 免费下载

AE CC 2015插件:三维插件包Mettle Plugins Bundle V1.8 (Win64) (29.02.2016) CE 一键破解安装版 免费下载

AE CC 2015插件:三维插件包Mettle Plugins Bundle V1.8 (Win64) (29.02.2016) CE 一键破解安装版 免费下载 | 2MB
插件包由Team VR优化破解制作,一键安装破解,无需繁琐操作,安装即可使用。
插件名字: Mettle Plugins bundle CE DC 29.02.2016 Team V.R private build
程序类型: After Effects Plug-in
更新时间: 3.7, 2016
界面语言: English
支持软件: Win64, After Effects CC CC 2016,2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6

Mettle是世界知名的卓越的Adobe After Effects插件包。FreeForm自由曲面,最好用的网格变形插件,是由Adobe许可和CS5捆绑在一起。 Mettle跟进自由曲面Pro和变形兽阂的成功,插件,增加3D功能后的影响。他们允许艺术家创造,渲染和3D动画在AE里使用简单的工具和技术。该插件mettle给艺术家更多的创意工具,AE加快工作流程...

Mettle Bundle v1.8 主要更新支持AE CC 2015


  • FreeForm v2.11网格变形插件
  • FreeForm Pro v1.8 3D网格变形插件
  • ShapeShifter v1.8 3D立体字插件
  • SkyBox Creator v2.3
  • SkyBox Converter v2.3
  • SkyBox Extractor v1.3
  • SkyBox Viewer v1.3
  • SkyBox VR Player v1.02
  • SkyBox 360 Post FX v1.0


AE插件支持版本:Adobe After Effects CS4,CS5,CS6,CC,CC 2014 ,CC 2015

Mettle Bundle CE DC 29.02.2016 Includes:

FreeForm V2.11: 3D Mesh Warp Plug-in for After Effects. Bend, Warp and Distort a 3D layer in After Effects. Practical to create cylinders, curves, ribbons, and folds. Easy to create terrains, tunnels, animate water, character animation, and much more!

FreeForm Pro v1.8: Pro-Level 3D Mesh Warp Plug-in for After Effects. Create and animate terrains, water, billowing fabric, backgrounds in After Effects. Great for character animation, shape morphing, and much more!

ShapeShifter v1.8: Organic Text & Logo Plug-in for After Effects. Design and animate 3D logos directly in After Effects. Create backgrounds, 3D morphing shapes, and much more, all customizable.

SkyBox Creator v2.3: Script that lets you generate a 360-degree animation from your After Effects comp. It automatically places a Camera with 6 views in your comp, renders and stitches them together seamlessly. It’s like having a google-car drive through your comp. And you can update your comp and refresh the output.

SkyBox Extractor v1.3: Script that converts stitched equirectangular footage into 6 separate camera views (Front, Right, Back, Top, Left and Bottom), where you can motion-track, do object removal, add motion-graphics, vfx etc. It automates the creation of all necessary comps and camera relationships to create a 360 | VR post production Environment in After Effects.

SkyBox Converter v2.3: A plugin that converts between Cubic Cross, Equirectangular and Spherical formats, (animations and still images). Re-orient Camera Controls with Tilt (X-Axis), Pan (Y Axis) & Roll (Z Axis) controls. Input – 2D Source

SkyBox Viewer v1.3: A plugin module that emulates what you will see in youtube 360, Oculus Rift and other formats. This is excellent for pre-flight testing of your composites and animations.

SkyBox VR Player v1.02: A free plugin for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro running on Microsoft Windows. With the Skybox VR Player users can preview their 360°content from within each Adobe pro-video application using Oculus Rift.

SkyBox 360 Post FX v1.0: A set of Seamless post effects for cinematic 360°/VR Production in After Effects. They can be applied to stitched 360° footage with no distortion along the seams

Compatibility: WIN64 After Effects CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6



AE CC 2015插件:三维插件包Mettle Plugins Bundle V1.8 (Win64) (29.02.2016) CE 一键破解安装版 免费下载




AE CC 2015插件:三维插件包Mettle Plugins Bundle V1.8 (Win64) (29.02.2016) CE 一键破解安装版 免费下载:等您坐沙发呢!