CG资讯:Video Copilot将在11月份推出Element 3D V2新版本

CG资讯:Video Copilot将在11月份推出Element 3D V2新版本


CG资讯:Video Copilot将在11月份推出Element 3D V2新版本,下面来看看AK官网发布的新消息,也是期待以久的新版本!Element 3D V2.估计也会同时发布AE插件:Circuitry电子电路板回路流光效果插件,介绍在上面视频

 Element 3D V1发布已经2年多,我仍然生动记得当时。我记得,在发布之前,通宵熬夜试图把一切都做好。我很紧张和兴奋。毕竟我的儿子Josh刚出生一个星期前,当时我在家工作,压力油然而起!最后我们还是发布了,一如既往。页面上线!我有一种奇怪的念头,既然发布,就没有回头路可走。接下来我还记得在我昏迷状态中,是来自社区绝对令人难以置信的绝对令人难以置信的。衷心的评论和感激。才有了今天,当有人有机会使用Element 3D在他们的项目中,我真的兴奋和感激。在Video Copilot ,我们知道酒吧是提高高,我们接受了挑战。

今天,我高兴地宣布Element 3D V2的下一个主要版本!今年11月,我们很高兴为世界带来我们最新的插件!


好消息是,我们10月6日参加After Effects World!高峰会谈和将会讲解一些Element 3D V2实际产品细节! !

It has been a little over 2 years since the release of Element 3D V1 and I still remember it quite vividly. I recall staying up all night before the launch, trying to get everything done.

I was nervous and excited.  My son Josh had just been born a week earlier and I was working from home at the time. The pressure was on!

Finally everything was in place and we hit the GO button. The page went live! I exhaled with a strange form of guarded relief. There was no turning back.The next thing I remember in my semi-conscious state was the absolutely incredible response from the community.  The heartfelt comments and appreciation.  Even to this day, when somebody gets a chance to use Element 3D in their project, I’m truly excited and thankful.At Video Copilot we know the bar is raised high and we accepted the challenge.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the next major release of Element 3D V2!  This November we’re thrilled to bring our latest plug-in to the world!

Our team has worked exceptionally hard to try and bring you incredible new features that will save you time and create impressive results without a SHADOW of a doubt.Join Us October 6th for the first sneak peak and some actual product details!! (Right after I get back from After Effects World!UPGRADING: We will have special upgrade pricing for previous owners as well. This is a BIG Release!





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