C4D插件:室内建筑门窗楼梯测量工具插件合集+使用教程caleidos4d.it win4Doors+Arch01+Baluster4D+Stairs4D免费下载

C4D插件:室内建筑门窗楼梯测量工具插件合集+使用教程caleidos4d.it win4Doors+Arch01+Baluster4D+Stairs4D免费下载C4D插件:室内建筑门窗楼梯测量工具插件合集+使用教程caleidos4d.it win4Doors+Arch01+Baluster4D+Stairs4D免费下载

C4D插件:室内建筑门窗楼梯测量工具插件合集+使用教程caleidos4d.it win4Doors+Arch01+Baluster4D+Stairs4D免费下载

C4D插件:室内建筑门窗楼梯测量工具插件合集caleidos4d.it win4Doors+Arch01+Baluster4D+Stairs4D免费下载

Caleidos4d win4doors -C4D自动门窗生成器。win4doors是一个应用程序,允许用户参数fixtureswin4doors无限的组合,可以用在只有一个建筑生产中厚壁的存在外皮肤建模。
Caleidos4d Baluster4D+Stairs4D-C4D围栏和楼梯生成,在Cinema4D - baluster4d和stairs4d允许用户在Cinema4D栏杆和楼梯infinitecombination,baluster4d可以使用,即使单独使用样条作为pathbaluster4d和stairs4d
Caleidos4d arch-01是一种建模工具,允许用户绘制几何里面CINEMA 4D和精度和工作流经典CAD。

win4Doors- automatic generator of windows and doors in C4D - win4Doors is an application that allows user an infinite combination of parametric fixtureswin4Doors, can be used both in modeling only the outer skin of an architectural manufact which in the presence of thick walls.

Baluster4D+Stairs4D- fences and stairs generators in Cinema4D- Baluster4D and Stairs4D  allows the user to get within Cinema4D an infinitecombination of railings and Stairs,Baluster4D can be used, even individually, using a spline as a pathBaluster4D and Stairs4D

Arch-01 is a modeling toolset that allows the user to draw geometry inside Cinema 4D with classic CAD like precision and workflow.

Arch-01 contains:

6 Main Tools + 7 Minor Tools + Arch-01

ManagerMain Tools

1 – Draw Line/Arc

2 – Draw Circle

3 – Draw Square

4 – Precision Mover

5 – Surface Aligner

6 – Object Dimension

Minor Tools

7 – Make Polygons

8 – Excalibur

9 – Cut Polygons

10 – Copy Polygons

11 – Paste Polygons

12 – Clone Polygons

13 – iSola

Each Tool is controlled for common settingby the Arch-01 Manager


Caleidos4D Win4Doors v1.70 MUS3

Caleidos4D Arch01 v3.00 MUS3

Caleidos4D Baluster4D v1.00 MUS3

Caleidos4D Stairs4D v1.21 MUS3

Caleidos4D StairsProfile v1.10 MUS3

插件支持:Cinema4D R12,Cinema4D R13,Cinema4D R14、Cinema4D R15、Cinema4D R16,Cinema4D R17或者更高版本


下载地址 :

C4D插件:室内建筑门窗楼梯测量工具插件合集+使用教程caleidos4d.it win4Doors+Arch01+Baluster4D+Stairs4D免费下载




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    书生老师,楼梯那两个插件Mac 一运行就报错。什么原因?
    文件“/Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D R17/plugins/Caleidos4D.it/StairsProfile_1_10/res/description/stairsprofile.res”
    行数 19

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