达芬奇调色软件12快速入门全面基础培训教程Ripple Training – DaVinci Resolve 12 QuickStart

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Ripple Training – DaVinci Resolve 12 QuickStart

达芬奇调色软件12快速入门全面基础培训教程Ripple Training – DaVinci Resolve 12 QuickStart

更新时间: 2015,9,28
语言: 英语(无中文字幕)
教程级别: 中级
使用软件: DaVinci Resolve 12
持续时间: 5小时27分
项目文件: 包括

DaVinci Resolve 12 QuickStart 是为了给你一个概况性的Resolve 12个流程从开始到结束。你将开始学习如何建立一个全新的解决方案,包括是否使用单一或共享的用户帐户,以及如何设置最基本的喜好和项目设置。

DaVinci Resolve 12 QuickStart was created to give you an overview of the Resolve 12 workflow from start to finish. You’ll begin by learning how to set up up a brand new installation of Resolve, including whether to use a single or shared user account, and how to set up the most essential Preferences and Project Settings.

Next, you’ll take a tour of Resolve’s user interface to better understand how Resolve integrates editing and grading in a single application. Then, starting with an empty project, you’ll learn how to import, organize, synchronize, and tag media to prepare it for editing. You’ll use that media to assemble an edited sequence in the Edit Page, getting a glimpse at Resolve’s many and varied editing and trimming operations as you shape a scene from a short film.

You’ll then add transitions, titles, and effects before moving into the Color page to begin color correcting the clips you’ve just edited; adjusting color and contrast, and balancing clips in the scene to match one another using Resolve’s automated and manual tools. Then, you’ll move back to the Edit page to perform a basic audio mix using keyframes, automation, filters, and the audio mixer. Once the mix is in hand, you’ll get a brief look at some of the deeper grading tools available to hone the look of your scene, including qualifiers and windows for making isolated corrections, HSL curves for quickly shaping specific hues and saturation levels, and ways of quickly copying your grades to other clips in the timeline. Finally, you’ll learn how to output your project and share your work with others.

We’ve included the media from a short film the author, Alexis Van Hurkman, recently shot so you’ll have the benefit of applying the concepts you learn to real-world footage. As you work through the lessons, you’ll discover that Resolve 12 really can handle it all – from editing through color to final delivery.

Who this Tutorial is for:
This tutorial is for anyone who needs to get up to speed quickly in DaVinci Resolve 12 or is experienced but wants a fast refresher. Users who have no prior experience with Resolve or users coming from another editing platform will benefit from this training.


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