Maya流体烟雾特效高级案例教程FXPHD – MYA217 Maya Effects

Maya流体烟雾特效高级案例教程FXPHD – MYA217 Maya Effects

Maya流体烟雾特效高级案例教程FXPHD – MYA217 Maya Effects

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Class 1: Introduction and course overview. We look at Maya Particle Dynamics, Maya Fluids Dynamics and Maya Particle-Fluids Integration.
Class 2: In this class, we discuss Fluid/Particle Density and Velocity emission. We understand fluids: voxels, density, velocity, temperature, fuel. Then we explore particles: per-object vs per-particle and particle-velocity, per-particle. We set custom per-particle attributes to drive fluid dynamics. Work with conditional Per-Particle Expressions and Parameter Reference Per-Particle Expressions. Then we set the particles as fluid density and velocity emitters and control a fluid simulation driven with particles.
Class 3: In class 3 we fine tune our Fluid dynamics. We discuss external fields and understand the dynamic fields and their differences when used with Fluids. We use fields to control a fluid simulation. We look at caching particles and fluids and work with retiming the cache. Finally, we well render the fluids.
Class 4: In this class we finish up our fluid project from class 3.
Class 5: Python Writing in Maya. We work with Mel and/or Python and introduce the basic programming concepts. We look at practical code writing.
Class 6: Practical implementation of Python programming in production. We discuss custom tool writing with Python and PyQt.
Class 7: Continuing the exercise of custom tool writing, writing up a GUI for the tool to be used within Maya.
Class 8: Practical high resolution simulation with fluids and particles. We set up the scene and build particles simulations. We discuss fluid particle integration, caching, rendering and compositing.
Class 9: Finish practical high resolution simulation with fluids and particles.
Class 10: We build stylized fluids/particles and show step by step practical approach and implementation.


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Maya流体烟雾特效高级案例教程FXPHD – MYA217 Maya Effects:等您坐沙发呢!