Maya & mental ray全局照明和焦散效果全面教程

Maya & mental ray全局照明和焦散效果全面教程

本视频教程是由Gnomon Workshop机构出品的Maya & mental ray全局照明和焦散效果全面教程The Gnomon Workshop – Global Illumination and Caustics in Maya & mental ray

,时长:1小时58分,大小:1.29 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Maya & mental ray,官方发布日期:2014年10月31日,语言:英语。C4DSKY.COM整理发布.

The Gnomon Workshop – Global Illumination and Caustics in Maya & mental ray

In this lecture, Frederic Durand demonstrates a variety of techniques for using Global Illumination and Caustics within Maya and mental ray. Global Illumination and Caustics
rendering techniques use photons as the method to create natural lighting phenomenon. Photon based lighting allows light rays to bounce and create complex effects that are not possible with other rendering methods. The training begins with an introduction on Global Illumination theory and quickly moves into how to control the basic GI render settings. Fred shows how to balance accuracy, intensity and photon emission to create fast, production quality renders using Global Illumination alongside of Final Gather. The technical and artistic challenges of caustic lighting are covered in great detail. Materials such as glass, shiny metals and translucent plastics are used as case studies. Compositing is addressed as an integral part of any lighting workflow, as it helps to work more efficiently, while rendering in passes is critical to any successful lighting strategy. For those interested in mastering mental ray, this title offers invaluable techniques from an experienced industry artist.


Maya & mental ray全局照明和焦散效果全面教程




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Maya & mental ray全局照明和焦散效果全面教程:等您坐沙发呢!