AE&PR蓝宝石插件更新版GenArts Sapphire v7.06 for Adobe (Win64)

AE&PR蓝宝石插件更新版GenArts Sapphire v7.06 for Adobe (Win64)

AE&PR蓝宝石插件更新版GenArts Sapphire v7.06 for Adobe (Win64)


蓝宝石插件已经成为高端的视觉效果制作的行业标准,提供无与伦比的图像质量,独特的有机的外观,和易用性。他们已经广泛使用在一个电视节目,音乐影片和故 事片,包括数组:盗加勒比1,2和3,蜘蛛侠1,2和3,“超人归来”,纳尼亚传奇:狮子,女巫和魔衣橱“,”指环王“三部曲,”星球大战 – 情节I,II和III,罪恶之城,“黑客帝国”三部曲,X战警1,2和3,泰坦尼克号“,失落和CSI等..

Sapphire 7.06 for After Effects & Premiere Pro
Sapphire increases your productivity, quality output, and ability to compete. Platform-agnostic so you can leverage your work across video editing and other compositing software or artists without compromising consistency or quality of the look, Sapphire saves you valuable time and money. Discover the superior image quality, control, render speed, and impact on viewer engagement compared to other plug-ins or many effects included with After Effects.

New in 7.06:

  • Flare Designer: fix a bug that could prevent Save As from working when project referred to a missing file.
  • Expiration warnings for temporary licenses are shown less often now.
  • Fixed a crash in FilmEffect with 3:2 pulldown.
  • Fixed a bug where some presets didn't load correctly on Quantel.


  • Adobe After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC



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AE&PR蓝宝石插件更新版GenArts Sapphire v7.06 for Adobe (Win64):等您坐沙发呢!